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About Me

This site is a culmination of the author's current interests in digital photography and the outdoors. The site's ultimate purpose is to provide assistance in the identification of plants and wildlife commonly found in the South Florida area.

The site was developed by the author using Microsoft's FrontPage.  It was first published in the year 2000. Because Microsoft no longer supports Front Page, I switched to a program called WebPlus X4, produced by Serif, an English Company.  The switchover to the new revised site was made in September, 2010.  I updated to WebPlus X6 in January, 2013; then to WebPlus X7 in May, 2014.

I’m currently using a Canon EOS 7D Mk II camera.  My workhorse lens is the Canon EF-L 100-400mm zoom lens.  I recently upgraded from the original lens, which I purchased in 2003, to the newer version released about a year ago.  It is a great lens, image stabilized  and is about the largest you can use without a tripod. I shoot in the RAW mode and convert the images to TIFF (for printing) or JPEG for web use.  Images displayed on this site have been reduced in size to under 1000 pixels per side and the jpg quality is adjusted to keep the file size around 100 kilobytes or smaller.

I recently had my first book published. It is named “Portraits of Florida Wildlife” and is a coffee-table book about 11 inches wide and 9 inches high.  It contains about 200 of my best photos depicting birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles frequently seen in Florida.  The images are printed on high quality glossy paper, resulting in a book weight of slightly over two pounds.

The list price of the book is $39.95; however, I’m selling autographed copies for $30, which includes shipping.  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, send a check made out to Thomas Zinneman to the following address:  255 San Cristobal Ave,  Punta Gorda, FL  33983.  If you have questions about the book, please send me an email at tzinneman@comcast.net.  Note:  These books are also for sale at Copperfish Books located at 103 W. Marion Ave. in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Following are images of the book cover and some pages.