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  Potter Wasp
Eumenes fraternus

Currently, eight species and 16 subspecies of Eumenes are known in America north of Mexico.  Of these, only Eumenes fraternus and subspecies Eumenes smithii have been identified in Florida.  These wasps are about 0.6 inch in length.  They make jug-like mud nests commonly seen on buildings, screens, and window sills.  When the pot is finished, the female inserts her abdomen into the opening and lays an egg suspended by a filament that is attached to the upper inside surface of the pot.  Then the female gathers moth and beetle larvae, which she places in the pot for food and then seals the pot.

The above images were taken in my yard.  The Eumenes fraternus was on a fire bush sipping nectar.  The pictures were taken in early June.