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March, 2019

Added the Wild Pennyroyal to the Wildflowers gallery.

February, 2019

Added the Oriental False Hawksbeard to the Wildflowers gallery.

January, 2019

Added the Glade Lobelia and Showy Rattlebox to the Wildflowers gallery.

December, 2018

Updated the Eastern Baccharis web page with new images and text; also, changed name to Groundsel Bush in the Wildflowers gallery.  Added the False Pimpernel to the Wildflowers gallery.

November, 2018

Added the Florida Paintbrush and Narrowleaf Silkgrass to the Wildflowers gallery.

October, 2018

Added the Water Cowbane and the Pinebarren Goldenrod to the Wildflowers gallery.

September, 2018

Added the Carolina Redroot, Peruvian Primrosewillow, Piedmont Primrosewillow  and Seaside Primrosewillow to the Wildflowers gallery.

August, 2018

Added the Butterflyweed and Shortleaf Rosegentian to the Wildflowers gallery.  Also updated the Mexican Primrose Willow page.

July 2018

Added the Common Dayflower,  Wild Bushbean and the Water Spider Orchid to the Wildflowers gallery.  Updated the Nuttall’s Meadowbeauty page in the Wildflowers gallery.

June, 2018

Added the Early Whitetop Fleabane, Pink Sundew, Procession Flower and Coastal Plain Staggerbush to the Wildflowers gallery.

May, 2018

Added the Drumheads, Helmet Skullcap and Yellow Milkwort to the Wildflowers gallery.

April, 2018

Updated the Black Skimmer page in the Water Birds gallery.

March, 2018

Updated the American Oystercatcher page in the Water Birds gallery and the Crested Caracara page in the Land Birds gallery.  Added the White Waterlily to the Wildflowers gallery.

February, 2018

Added the Red-headed Agama to the Lizards gallery.

January 2018

Added the Blue Mistflower to the Wild Flowers gallery.  Added the Western Kingbird and the Scissor-tailed Flycatcherto the Land Birds gallery.

December 2017

Added the Clustered Bushmint, Elliott’s Yelloweyed Grass, and the Narrowleaf Sunflower to the Wild Flowers gallery.

November 2017

Added the Caesar Weed and Climbing Aster to the Wild Flowers gallery.

October 2017

Added the Prickly Pear and the Hairypod Cowpea to the Wild Flowers gallery.  Added the Barred Yellow to the Butterflies & Moths gallery.