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Florida Paintbrush Carphephorus corymbasus

The Florida Paintbrush, also known as Coastal Plain Chaffhead, is a native plant found on the southeastern coastal plain in the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  In Florida, it is found mainly on the Peninsula and I or 2 counties in the Panhandle.  It grows in well-drained sandy areas, such as pine flatwoods, scrubby flatwoods, sandhills and ruderal areas.

This plant is a long-lived perennial that dies back each winter after its seeds are dispersed.  It reappears in early spring as a flat rosette of basal leaves that are linear to spatulate in shape.  It remains this way until mid-summer when a leafy flower stalk begins to grow.  It typically grows to a height of 2-3 feet.  The leaves on the stalk are attached alternately and are much smaller than the basal leaves.

The stalk terminates in a tightly-bunched cluster of flower heads. The flat or convex-shaped cluster is typically 2-4 inches in diameter.  The individual flower heads,each about 3/8-inch in diameter, contain several disc florets and no ray florets.  These florets usually bloom from late summer to fall.  Their colors range from pinkish-purple to bluish.  They are quite bright and showy and attract a multitude of insects, such as bees and butterflies.

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