2018 - October

October 27 - Deer Prairie Creek Preserve

This morning, J. Tayler and I participated in a Florida Native Plant Society field trip to Deer Prairie Creek Preserve, which is located west of North Port (Exit 193 from I-75).  The group of 25 people met at 9 am at the North entrance, which is at 7001 Forbes Trail.   We saw about 50 species of native wild flowers during our 2-hour walk.  I returned to this site on Wednesday, October 31st to obtain more and better photos then I was able to obtain during the previous visit.  I followed the same path.  Following are images of some of the flowers seen.



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Caesar Weed

Bee on Hempvine

Musky Mint


Climbing Hempvine on Danglepod

Musky Mint

Pimperhel, False


St. Andrew’s-cross

Goldentop, Slender

Rattlebox, Showy

Rattlebox, Showy