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Carolina Redroot Lachnanthes caroliana

Carolina Redroot, sometimes just called Redroot, is characterized by its fan of flat sword-like leaves at the base of the plant and its tall branched clusters of flowers.  It gets its name from the reddish color of its rhizome root.  It is a member of the Bloodwort family (Haemodoraceae).

This plant is a native perennial found throughout Florida.  It likes wet sites, such as roadside ditches, marshes, bogs, wet prairies and swamp margins.

The flower stalk is pubescent, that is, covered with soft short hair.  It can grow to a height of 3 feet.  Branched flower clusters form at the top of the stalk.  The large rounded clusters are typically 1.5-3 inches wide.  Each cluster contains many small two-colored flowers.  Each flower has three outer petals and three inner petals.  The outer petals are whitish and wooly.  The inner petals are yellowish. There are 3 stamens.  The flowers bloom from May to September.

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