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Piedmont Primrose Willow        Ludwigia arcuata

The Piedmont Primrose Willow (Ludwigia arcuata) is a member of the Evening Primrose family (Onagraceae).  It is a native plant found in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  In Florida, it is found in the eastern Panhandle and the northern and central parts of the Peninsula down to Collier County on the western side.

This plant is considered an emersed plant.  It grows out of the water with its root on the bottom.  The stems, leaves and flowers are above water.  It is a low-growing, creeping plant with very leafy stems.  The small narrow leaves are opposite and sessile, or nearly so.

The small flowers, about 0.75-inch wide, have four bright yellow petals subtended by four narrow green sepals.  In the center of the flower are four stamens that surround the pistal.  The flowers start blooming in late spring and continue throughout the summer.

The photos on this page were taken in Deep Creek in Charlotte County. Additional information on this plant may be found by clicking on the following links:

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