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Procession Flower    Polygala incarnata

The Procession Flower is a slender annual herb with a solitary simple, rarely branched, stem that can grow to a height of 24 inches.  It is found in pine flatwoods, sandhills, and scrubs where moisture levels aren’t too severe.  It is found throughout Florida.

The erect stem has a few distantly spaced leaves that are attached alternately.  The leaves are narrow and seldom exceed 0.5 inch in length.  At the top of the stem is a cylindrical cluster of pink to rose-purple tubular flowers.  The tiny flowers are about 0.2 inch long and have 6-8 stamens protruding from the end.  Eventually, each flower produces a small capsule containing two seeds.

The above pictures were taken in Myakka River Forest in northwestern Charlotte County.

The range distribution maps for the Procession Flower are from the Plants Database of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).