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Red-headed Agama         Agama agama

The Red-headed Agama is an African species and nonnative to Florida.  They were first observed in the wild in 1976. Breeding populations have currently been observed in five counties: Broward, Charlotte, Dade, Martin, and Seminole. In Charlotte County, the center of activity is in Punta Gorda. The pictures shown on this page were taken on the northwest corner of Olympia and Wood.

The lizards observed in Punta Gorda appear to be a West African subspecies.  The males have orange heads, dark blue or black body and legs, and has a tail that is bluish white at the base, orange in the middle and black at the end. Females and juveniles are brownish in color with some yellow bars on their sides and have a greenish head.  Males may reach a length of 12 inches or longer.  Females are shorter, maybe 8-10 inches in length.  They are frequently observed laying on rocks or sidewalks basking in the sun.  They feed mostly on insects.