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Barred Yellow    Eurema daira

The Barred Yellow butterfly is also known as the Barred Sulphur or Fairy Yellow.  It is a medium-sized yellow butterfly with black wingtips and a wingspan around 1.5 inches.  The males and females differ in their color pattern and there are also seasonal variations.  The males have a black bar along the lower margin of the forewings.  Females are paler yellow and sometimes nearly white and the black bar is faint or nearly absent.  During the summer (wet season), the undersides of these butterflies are gray, whereas during the fall and winter (dry season), the undersides are brown, tan or reddish in color.

These butterflies are quite common and can be found from the southern United States southern to Argentina.  In Florida, they have been observed in most counties.  They do migrate southward during the cooler months.  In Florida, they migrate from north Florida to south Florida in the fall.

Good places to look for Barred Yellows are sandhills, woody fields, and along roadsides.  They feed on nectar from a wide variety of flowers.  Their host plants include members of the pea family, such as pencil flowers and joint vetches.