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Flower Scarab Beetles   subfamily Cetoniinae

Scarab Beetles (family Scarabaeidae) is a large group of diverse beetles, many of which are scavengers.  This huge family is comprised of several major subfamilies, one of which is the Flower Scarabs (subfamily Cetoniinae).  The beetles in this subfamily like to feed on pollen, nectar, and fruit.  Their larvae live in the soil, feeding on roots of grass and other plants.

In Florida, seven species of four genera of the Cetoniinae subfamily have been identified.  The species Euphoria sepulcralis is a common day-flying flower scarab beetle.  It is a dark-colored beetle with a metallic green or bronze sheen and has white markings on the wing covers.  These beetles are about 0.5 inch long.  They have been observed feeding on a wide variety of flowers.  They are found throughout Florida and much of the eastern half of the United States.

The top three images show a Euphoria sepulcralis feeding on a Nuttall’s Thistle.  The bottom two images shows this species feeding on a Tarflower.