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Oakleaf Fleabane Erigeron quercifolius

The Oakleaf Fleabane, also known as Southern Fleabane and Daisy Fleabane, is common in the southeastern states.  It is a native Florida perennial that is found throughout most of the state.  It is commonly seen along roadsides, disturbed sites, open woodlands, and around the edges of forests.

This plant has a small daisy-like flower head that is about 1/2-inch wide.  It consists of 100-200 tiny white to lavender petals surrounding a bright yellow center.  Each flower is at the top of a hairy branched stalk that rises from a clump of oak-like leaves.  The stalks can grow to a height of 24 inches.  The flowers bloom through the winter, spring, and summer months.

The photo on the left was taken along a dirt road south of the Zemel Road Landfill.  The top right photo was taken in Deep Creek.  Both locations are in Charlotte County.

The distribution maps for the Oakleaf Fleabane are from the Plants Database of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).