www.zinnysworld.com    Copyright 2000-2015 by Thomas Zinneman.  All rights reserved. Slender Goldentop Euthamia caroliniana

The distribution maps for the Slender Goldentop are from the Plants Database of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Slender Goldentop is a medium height (1 to 3 feet) perennial with bright yellow flowers.  It is a native North American wildflower commonly seen along the eastern coastal plain from Louisiana to Florida and north to New Hampshire.  Other common names for this plant include Coastal Plain Goldentop and Slender Flat-topped Goldenrod.

The plant is found in pinelands, along roadsides, and in open disturbed sites.  It appears as a single stem in the spring, but begins to branch in May.  The branches grow to produce a flat-topped appearance.  It blooms from September to November and is one of the last plants to bloom in autumn.  These plants tend to grow in colonies and spread by both seed and a creeping rhizome root system.

The leaves are alternate and extremely narrow.  They often shed during flowering except near the top of the plant.  The yellow flower head has tubular disk flowers in the center and ray flowers around the periphery.

This plant is a favorite of many pollinators.

The photos shown on this page were taken in Deep Creek during the early part of November.  The lower left image shows a Honey Bee gathering nectar or pollen.  The lower right image shows a paper wasp sipping nectar.