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Spanish Needles, also known as Hairy Beggarticks and Burr Marigolds, is a perennial herb that can grow to a height of five feet.  It is seen along roadsides, waste areas, and disturbed sites.  It is found in most southern and and eastern states, including eastern Canada.  Although considered a weed by many people, it is an important food source for many insects, including Honey Bees.

The flower heads are about one inch wide and consist of five white ray flowers surrounding yellow disk flowers.  The flowers produce seeds that are long and narrow with a pair of barbed points that help them to cling to clothing and fur, spreading them far and wide.

There has been an identification problem with this plant.  In some areas it was called Bidens alba and was considered a native plant.  In other areas, it was called Bidens pilosa and was considered non-native.  In 2012, B. Alba and B. Odorate were renamed as B. Pilosia and is now considered a non-native plant.

All of the photos were taken in Deep Creek in Charlotte County.