Copyright 2000-2015 by Thomas Zinneman.  All rights reserved. Honeycombhead Balduina angustifolia

The Honeycombhead is native to Florida and found throughout most of the state.  It is also found in the southern parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.  This plant is found in pine flatwoods, scrubby flatwoods, sandhills, and coastal dunes.

This plant grows to a height of 3-5 feet.  It has branching stems, each terminating with a 1-2 inch bight golden yellow flower head.  The flower head has a central yellow disc surrounded by 12-20 yellow rays that are toothed at the end.  The flowers bloom during the spring and summer.  As the flower head matures, the rays wilt and the center disc becomes grayish in color, resembling a honeycomb.  This disc contains the seeds that are ready for dispersal.

The images shown on this page were taken at the Babcock-Webb WMA in May, 2015.