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White Waterlily   Nymphaea odorata

The White Waterlily, also known as the Fragrant Waterlily, is a floating aquatic plant with large, fragrant white flowers and flat, round floating leaves.  It is found in most states of the U.S.

The leaves are green above and reddish or purplish below.  They are round, 6-12 inches in diameter with a slot about 1/3 the length of the leaf  They usually float on the water’s surface.  The flowers are on separate stalks and may float or stick above the water’s surface.  They have several rows of white petals (25 or more) surrounding a center of many yellow stamens (70 or more).  The flowers open early in the morning and close around noon.

Photos on this page were taken at the following locations: Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park and ditches along Kings Highway (Charlotte County); Boyd Hill Nature Preserve (Pinellas County); and Felts Preserve (Manatee County).