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Alligator Lily Hymenocallis palmeri

The genus Hymenocallis includes about 40 species of Spider Lilies found in the tropics subtropics and warm temperate regions of the new world.  Of the 16 species native to the United States, 13 are found in Florida.

The Alligator Lily is found in cypress swamps, wet meadows, open pine wetlands, and wet roadsides in southern Florida, although some can be found in the northeastern part of Florida.  The white flowers are erect and funnel-shaped with a greenish eye,  There is usually only one flower to the stalk, whereas similar species may have two or three flowers on a stalk. The leaves can be up to 16 inches long and are less than 0.5-inch wide.  This species is endemic to central and southern Florida.

All of the photos were taken in the Babcock-Webb WMA in Charlotte County.

The range distribution maps for the Alligator Lily are from the Plants Database of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).