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American Kestrel    Falco sparverius

The American Kestrel is widespread across the America’s, breeding from above the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of South America.  It is North America’s most common falcon, as well as its smallest.   It is a year-round resident in most of the United States.  There are 17 subspecies.  The nominate subspecies is found in most of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The Southeastern subspecies is found in southeast United States from Louisiana to Florida.

In Florida, one can find both of these subspecies.  The nominate subspecies winters in Florida from September to April.  It does not breed in the state.  However, the Southeastern subspecies is a year-round resident of Florida.  It usually breeds from March to June.  The breeding range is restricted to the area from Suwannee County south to Highlands County.