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Water Birds

Following are links to images of water birds taken in Florida.  Click on the link to see the images.


Swans, Geese, and Ducks


   Loon, Common


   Avocet, American

   Duck, Black-bellied Whistling

   Curlew, Long-billed


   Duck, Mottled

   Dowitcher, Short-billed

   Grebe, Horned

   Duck, Ring-necked


   Grebe, Pied-billed

   Duck, Ruddy

   Godwit, Marbled

   Duck, Wood




   Knot, Red


   Merganser, Hooded

   Oystercatcher, American

   Booby, Brown

   Merganser, Red-breasted

   Plover, Black-bellied

   Booby, Masked

   Pintail, Northern

   Plover, Piping

   Cormorant, Double-crested


   Plover, Semipalmated

   Frigatebird, Magnificent

   Scaup, Lesser

   Plover, Snowy

   Gannet, Northern

   Shoveler, Northern

   Plover, Wilson’s

   Pelican, Brown

   Teal, Blue-winged


   Pelican, White

   Teal, Green-winged

   Sandpiper, Least

   Tropicbird, Red-billed

   Wigeon, American

   Sandpiper, Pectoral

   Tropicbird, White-tailed

   Sandpiper, Purple


   Sandpiper, Spotted

Wading Birds

   Coot, American   

   Sandpiper, Western

   Bittern, American

   Crane, Sandhill   

   Stilt, Black-necked

   Bittern, Least

   Gallinule, Common

   Snipe, Wilson’s

   Egret, Cattle

   Gallinule, Purple   

   Turnstone, Ruddy

   Egret, Great



   Egret, Reddish

   Rail, Clapper


   Egret, Snowy

   Rail, King

   Yellowlegs, Greater

   Heron, Great Blue


   Yellowlegs, Lesser

   Heron, Green

   Swamphen, Purple

   Heron, Little Blue

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers

   Heron, Tricolored

   Gull, Great Black-backed

   Heron, Black-crowned Night-

   Gull, Herring

   Heron, Yellow-crowned Night-

   Gull, Laughing

   Ibis, Glossy

   Gull, Lesser Black-backed

   Ibis, White

   Gull, Ring-billed

   Spoonbill, Roseate

   Skimmer, Black

   Stork, Wood

   Tern, Caspian

   Tern, Forster’s

   Tern, Least

   Tern, Royal

   Tern, Sandwich