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Lizards are the most successful group of reptiles.  Although a typical lizard has a distinct head, four well-developed limbs, and a long tail, there are exceptions to these generalizations.  Most lizards live on the ground, on low-lying rocks, or in trees.  There are also some burrowing species.  

Some lizards have an unusual ability to shed their tail when attacked by a predator and then regenerate it.  Most species reproduce by laying eggs, although some give birth to live young.  Unlike snakes, most lizards have eyelids, tongues that are not forked, and ear openings for sounds.  Also, unlike snakes, lizards usually shed their skin in pieces.  Many lizards eat their shed skin for the minerals contained in the skin.  Among Florida lizards, there are several distinct groups such as anoles, geckos, skinks, and the worm lizard.  No Florida lizards are venomous.

     Agama, Red-headed

     Anole, Brown

     Anole, Green

     Iguana, Green

     Lizard, Curly-tailed  

     Racerunner, Six-lined