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Pectoral Sandpiper     Calidris melanotos

The Pectoral Sandpiper breeds in the Arctic from western Russia east to the Hudson Bay.  These birds winter in South America, making them the longest distance migrant in North America.  Most of these birds depart from their wintering grounds in South America in March and arrive along the Gulf coast from late March through April.  Passage through the Great Plains takes place from mid-April through May.  They arrive on their breeding grounds from late May through June.  After breeding, the adult males depart in early to mid-July, followed by the females from mid-July through August.  Most adults pass through the center of the continent, with smaller numbers following the Atlantic coast and only a few along the Pacific coast.  They arrive back at their wintering grounds by September.

In Florida, they are a common migrant usually seen from late July through September.  During the spring migration, they usually appear from late March through May.