LambdaTest adds macOS Ventura testing to its cloud

LambdaTest has introduced support for macOS Ventura, which means developers of any kind can begin to test sites and services across the Mac in the cloud.

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Apple developers might be pleased to learn that cloud testing platform LambdaTest has introduced support for macOS Ventura, which means they of any kind can begin to test sites and services across Mac in the cloud. That’s important as the platform becomes ubiquitous.

Test different?

One of many rapidly emerging Indian tech success stories, LambdaTest attracted $45 million in Series C funding earlier this year. It already provides a suite of testing services for iOS apps, and supports cloud-based continuous app testing for Windows, Android, and various breeds of Linux. The idea is that websites and web apps can be tested across 3,000+ different combinations of browsers, operating systems, devices, and more.

“We have built AWS for testers,” company founder and CEO Asad Khan told TechCrunch earlier this year. “We are not a testing tool company, but an enabler of an ecosystem where developers can run all kinds of tests written in any language or framework. The platform enables you to run your tasks at any scale from anywhere at any time.”

What’s the big idea in this service?

The idea is that you turn to this environment to perform live interactive cross-browser compatibility testing of websites and web apps using the latest mobile and desktop browsers. Most customers, certainly the big ones, want to ensure a unified user experience for their sites — and this kind of testing is essential to delivering on that promise.

The principle of cloud-based testing may seem a little arcane, but it is relevant to note that the company’s products are being used at Microsoft, Cisco, Vimeo, PWC, Xerox, GoDaddy – and Apple (apparently). More than 10,000 customers and a million developers already use the platform across more than 130 countries.

Companies turn to platforms like this because it’s way more affordable than running complex testing environments in-house. Brands, and certainly big brands, desperately need to run deep testing at scale; a service like this makes it much easier to do just that at a fraction of the cost.

Not only that, but such services are also faster as all testing can take place concurrently, reducing tasks that could take days to complete to just a few hours.

Expect more like this

It's also a growing sector. The digitization of everything means every part of industry has a need for testing solutions of this kind. The global test automation market was a $20.7 billion business in 2021 and is expected to reach almost $50 billion in value by 2026, analysts claim.

The four-year old company is among very few cloud-testing services to offer near zero-day support for macOS Ventura.

“We want to ensure the quickest possible access to new releases, be it for desktops or devices. An up-to-date stable operating systems, versions, and devices are of immense value to our customers as they can test without any hassle,” said Mayank Bhola, cofounder, and head of product at LambdaTest. (LambdaTest also recently launched HyperExecute, its smart test orchestration platform that helps testers and developers run end-to-end automation tests.)

A permanent change

There are two big takeaways: The first is that businesses of this nature show that the computing world has irrevocably become a cross-platform environment. The second is that by prioritizing macOS Ventura support, LambdaTest is illustrating the huge and growing importance of Apple’s Mac in the enterprise space. The rapidly emerging ecosystem of enterprise focused Apple-supporting businesses and services reflects this changed reality.

There is nothing permanent except change.

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